Media & Entertainment: RYOT

Find out how RYOT is accelerating their visualization workflow with 5G and Silverdraft.

Case Study

AEC Industry: Hard Rock Hotel

Silverdraft proves high visual fidelity VR reveals true scale and better actual sense of what the entire team is trying to accomplish.

Case Study

Media & Entertainment: WWE

What happens when World-famous wrestlers dance with the Silverdraft Devil? A no holds barred graphics extravaganza!

Case Study

Media & Entertainment: SNEAKY BIG Studios

When Bob Parsons decided that he wanted to bring world class production capabilities to Arizona, he turned to DigitalGlue and Silverdraft.

Case Study

local_hero_post case study silverdraft

Enterprise VR: Virtual Reality Finishing – Local Hero Post

When Doug Liman’s six episode action series Invisible needed a polished result for their VR finishing, the DemonVR delivered.

Case Study

silverdraft fox sports case study

Media & Entertainment: Fox Sports

When Fox Sports streamed all 52 games of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, they needed the best transcoding option – Silverdraft’s Devil’s Advocate.

Case Study

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