Devil CPU

If your application is heavily threaded and hungry for many optimized CPU cores, the Devil CPU compact supercomputer delivers.  If you work with photorealistic VR models doing realtime ray-tracing with full global illumination, the Devil delivers.  Join global auto manufacturers, leading advertising agencies, and hollywood studios that experience a 30%+ boost to rendering speed, a smaller footprint and less power draw with Silverdraft.  We’ll assemble your complete system, load your software, configure and deliver your optimized Devil ready to plug and play off the pallet within 24 hours.

  • Realtime ray-tracing with global illumination, powered by over 600 Intel Xeon cores
  • Infiniband interconnect allows for maximum throughput and low latency
  • Expandable to scale to your increasing needs, without degradation to performance
  • Available in rack form or self-contained quiet case

Devil Hybrid

Need the best of both worlds?  Do your applications require GPU assisted CPU rendering?  Do you have different departments requiring different rendering tasks? Our Devil Hybrid balances the needs of your organization to deliver CPU horsepower and best in class CUDA core optimization.  Our experienced team will work with your creatives to ensure that they have access to the computation horsepower when and how they need it.

  • Customized to meet your workflow

Devil GPU

The Devil GPU is the world’s most flexible, scalable and configurable GPU compute engine designed to tackle the most demanding visualization workloads. Whether you are doing multi-use rendering, simulation, or need a deep learning/AI engine. The Silverdraft Devil GPU will meet any challenge. 

  • Compact 4U base form factor saves power, cooling and rack space
  • Scales to any quantity and model of NVIDIA GPU
  • Supports hybrid CPU/GPU rendering
  • Serves up to 10 simultaneous concurrent VR sessions

Devil's Advocate

World class transcoding, rendering, and computational horsepower in a single node 2U form-factor that would require as many as 10 1U servers to match its power. The Devil’s advocate works for you so that all your transcoding, fluid and particle simulations and rendering are delivered on time and within budget.

  • 64 Intel Xeon cores and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs make this the fastest 2u node you've ever seen


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