Silverdraft’s Devil compact supercomputer is the leading choice for the world’s most demanding rendering and transcoding applications.  Available as a CPU, GPU, or Hybrid configuration, the Devil can cut your render times down by more than 30%, in 1/3 the physical footprint, power, and cooling of blade solutions.  When render time really does equal money, the Devil has no equal.

The Demon ultra-workstation is the ultimate content creation tool for your creative team.  Featuring handcrafted, optimized designs for 3D graphics, animation, VFX and DI workflows, the Demon is the system you buy when the fastest HP and Dell systems aren’t enough. And our white glove service includes pre-installing and licensing your software, as well as burning-in each system before we ship it. So, plug and play isn’t just a myth — it’s reality.

VR and AR are becoming an essential platform for Media and Entertainment content delivery. But, the dizzying array of technology choices make it tough to know how and where to start creating your content.  Issues to address include: Game engine best suited for given project, head-mounted display (HMD) of choice, live-action filming vs. rendering, and defining the optimal motion capture system. In addition, there is significant opportunity in  re-purposing archived Film and TV assets to create new entertainment experiences, but the process is fraught with complications.  Whether you’re focused on games, feature film marketing, or creating experiential content for museums or theme parks, Silverdraft Solutions can help you make sense of the evolving technology landscape. We will help guide you by creating the roadmap, developing and customizing the tools you need and advise you on the hardware performance requirements to deliver your project on spec, on budget, and on time.

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