VR is such a new emerging technology that it’s a real challenge to figure out how to implement it. How do you choose things like headsets, tracking systems, or game engines? And what about CRITICAL factors like rendering speeds? If your hardware can’t keep up and produces even the slightest latency or lags in frame rate, the headset can easily make people feel ill. Silverdraft Solutions will analyze your business needs and customize a visualization program just for you. Then we’ll install and configure it, and train your team. We take all the stress out of moving into VR/AR/MR.

  • Business analysis
  • Solutions design and architecture
  • Custom optimized hardware designs
  • Partner support (VIVE, NVIDIA, Intel, Autodesk)
  • Software installation, setup
  • Custom software integration
  • Collaborative VR remote design engine
  • VR volume creation and controls customization
  • Training and Support

Collaborative Design Leveraging VR/AR/MR

The story begins with an original spark; a moment of inspiration. Providing the tools and environment that enable global collaboration not only maximizes the talent of your team, but also accelerates your design cycles. Silverdraft Solutions can identify and equip your designers with the right software, hardware, collaboration tools, and expertise to ensure your global design teams perform up to their potential. Our deep expertise in visualization will help bring your concepts into an immersive environment allowing photorealistic work and reviews in VR/AR/MR. Silverdraft Solutions can build your VR environment, connect various design locations for real-time collaboration, layout your visualization space, build controls, and customize your software extensions to meet your specific needs. We are certified VRED and HTC VIVE partners.


The hand-off from original inspiration and design to manufacturing is fraught with opportunities for error and misinterpretation. The net effect can lead to costly mistakes, delays from suppliers, and a watered down product when compared to the original design. Visualization throughout the process often includes not only the direct team, but third party suppliers as well, ensuring that all parties understand the product intent and the context of the work they are doing. This collaboration also helps catch errors that would have caused downtime, or impact product quality. Silverdraft Solutions’ expertise in VR/AR/MR, along with asset management software such as Autodesk’s Shotgun, ensures that everyone is on the same page. Our experts can help you plan the evolution of your workflow and train your team. This allows you to implement best practices and optimize the hand-off from design and manufacturing through to the end product. Silverdraft is a certified VRED partner.

Retail and Marketing

What if that original spark of inspiration, the phenomenal design, could be fully appreciated and experienced by the customer during the purchase process? Factors such as physical showroom constraints, many customer-specific combinations, and inventory carrying costs can all work against you. Powerful visualization can change all of that. Whether you’re looking for fully immersive environments, an interactive product element, or other visual mechanism to tell your story, Silverdraft Solutions’ professionals have the expertise you need to create next-generation buying experiences. We have enabled storytelling for folks like Audi and BAC as well as furniture maker Steelcase. We complete the story of your product in a context and experience appropriate for the customer ensuring that you drive interest, loyalty, and increased revenue. Silverdraft is a certified VRED and VIVE partner.


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