Six years of R&D, an intimate understanding of graphic and visualization software, a knack for keeping our DemonVR cool, and a long-term commitment to creatives led to the DemonVR, the industry’s fastest virtual reality ultra-workstation.  If you have models over 1 million polygons, require photorealistic performance, high frames per second, and low latency, this is the Demon for you.

Why is the Demon certified by the leading VR HMDs and software makers? Because it delivers 55% faster frame rates, 300% faster image acquisition, and far lower latency than the general-purpose boxes you all know. At Silverdraft, we do not build vanilla boxes for the masses. We handcraft our Demons specifically for your VR visualization tasks.

Looking to make the move into VR, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve worked with industry leaders in media and entertainment, automotive, product design, and architecture to help our clients achieve their short and long term VR visualization goals.  We can help create your VR volume, train your team, and share best practices.  If VR can help drive your business by helping customers visualize end results, we can help you productize your efforts.  The industry leading DemonVR combined with Silverdraft Solutions will ensure that you remain ahead of the competition.

Innovators in VR rely on silverdraft: